Give a vital gift to a local child in crisis

Vulnerable children and young people need your help during Covid-19.

When you donate a vital gift of food, hygiene essentials or well-being boosts, our services will deliver them to children in lockdown in London, Birmingham and around the UK.

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Choose a gift for a vulnerable child or young person to help them cope during lockdown.

The Children’s Society will deliver these vital items to those most in need.

Download your gift voucher to display at home or give to someone special.

About The Children's Society

Right now in Britain there are children and young people who feel scared, unloved and unable to cope.

Lockdown has trapped them at home, facing increased danger of abuse and neglect. They're all alone, trying to cope with their worries, fears and worsening mental health.

The Children's Society is there for them.

We're a registered UK charity with more than 100 years of history, and services in London, Birmingham and around the UK.

Our incredible frontline staff are delivering vital supplies direct to children's homes, and providing urgent advice and support. And when a child or young person is in imminent danger, we arrange an emergency response. We're the only workers doing this for some young people.

We listen. We support. We act. Because no child should feel alone.

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Give emergency supplies, or choose a well-being boost for these times of crisis.

‘I have so many friends who are vulnerable contacting me saying, “we just want someone to talk to". Because there is no-one else there anymore.’

- Naomi, 15

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